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Griffin Fly Tying Vises and Tools available at Traditional AnglerGriffin Quality Fly Tying Tools


Griffin Enterprises produces some of the the highest quality stainless steel precision tools for fly tiers, and they are made in the USA..


Griffin tools are so well made, they carry a full 100% lifetime satisfaction guarantee. 

Griffin Hair Eveners

Griffin Hair EvenersRegular Hair Evener
This model has a knurled base for a sure grip. Overall length 2 3/4" Funnel length 1 3/4" Funnel opening 5/8"

Adjustable Hair Evener
Threaded inserts in the base allow for adjustments from 1/16" to 1/2", depending upon hair length. Overall length 2 1/4" to 2 3/4" Funnel length 1 3/4" Funnel opening 5/8"

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Griffin EZ Spin Dubbing Twister

The EZ Spin Dubbing Twister provides a choice between spinning loop tool and dubbing twister function for versatility and ease of function.

Griffin EZ Spin Dubbing Twister

The precision bearing assembly makes tying easier and more precise. The advantage of this tool is that it is designed to give maximum working clearance. Meaning that the spinning body is further way from the fly. No extra tools required for the changing of the heads.


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Griffin Hook and Hackle Guage

Griffin Hook and Hackle GuageThis handy gauge fits most vise stems. To determine hackle size, simply bend the hackle around the pin at the bottom of the gauge. The hackle will flare out and the tips will indicate on the curved graph the correct size hackle. To determine hook size simply place the hook on the hooks pictured on the gauge. This gauge will rotate freely on the vise stem so it may be swung out of the way when not in use. It will correctly identify size 4-22 hackles and 4-16 hook sizes.

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Griffin Fly Tier's Comb

Griffin Fly Tier's CombThis comb is made from natural steer horn, a static free material. It is designed to remove the fuzzy under hair from fur. This tool is a must for the fly tier's box.

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Griffin Hackle Pliers

Griffin Regular, Tear Drop, and Rotating Hackle Pliers

REGULAR HACKLE PLIERS have the same nose design as the rotating hackle pliers, with padded gripping.

TEAR DROP HACKLE PLIERS have a design that gives them extra gripping power. Constructed of high quality spring steel.

ROTATING HACKLE PLIERS allows the tier to keep constant tension while rotating. The bottom of the hackle pliers is flat, to permit wrapping hackle on a parachute pattern very close to the shank of the hook. Constructed of high quality spring steel with a rubber pad on the tip for firm gripping. The handle is constructed of brass for friction free rotation.

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Griffin Hair Packer

Made of delrin, this tool is used to compress spun hair onto the hook. The head contains four different sized holes that fit over various sized hooks.


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Griffin Whip Finisher

Griffin Whip FinisherThe spring design allows you to add that extra wrap and still release the tool easily

. This tool comes with your choice of either a rotating or non-rotating handle.


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Griffin Dubbing Teaser

Griffin Dubbing TeaserThis tool allows you to pick out those fur dubbed bodies to produce buggier looking nymphs. Constructed of a nylon handle and barbed needle, this tool serves a variety of uses.


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Griffin Bodkin

Griffin BodkinA 1/4" hexagonal nylon handle over a high quality needle provides pin point placement of a drop of cement. This tool is also very effective when used to tie nail knots.


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