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Spirit River Fine and Dry Dubbing

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Spirit River Fly Tying Materials Available at Traditional AnglerFine & Dry Dubbing



Fine and Dry Fly Tying Dubbing available from Traditional Angler


For dry flies and emergers.  Very fine 0.9 Denier poly fibers with Antron for highlights. Dubbing is permanently waterproof and forms tight thin bodies when dubbed. Colors will not bleed and the material is easily blended to achieve desired color.


Available individually or as an assortment of the twelve 'most popular colors'.  The container has small holes in each compartment for easily extracting the correct amount of dubbing without a lot of mess.


The assortment includes:

  • Black, Rust, March Brown, Hare's Ear, Adams Gray, Blue Dun, Medium Olive, Blue Wing Olive, Hexagenia, Amber, Creamy Yellow, White.


Single Packs
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